Industrial alpinism/ Industrial climbing

Industrial climbing is to carry out work at heights, where you cannot use or have restricted  use of the scissor lift and the usage of scaffolds would prove to be too expensive .

ACE Kinnisvarahooldus OÜ aerial workers own  «IRATA» ( the international industrial alpinism association) certificates.

Our offered areial work:

  1. Facade cleaning/ window cleaning
  2. Glass roof washing
  3. Roof and rain gutter celaning
  4. Snow and icicle removal from the roof
  5. Facade maintenance, repair works
  6. Scyscraper cleaning/paining
  7. Equipment assembly/disassembly on scyscrapers
  8. Cleaning in hard to reach palces
  9. Expertise and research of skyscrapers
  10. Work inside speacial structures (for example reservoirs , industrial oven, smoke pipes, etc)



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