ACE Puhastus is a company that provides cleaning and property maintenance services, with more than 15 years of experience in the field of cleaning.

In our daily cleaning work, we only use high-quality professional work equipment and modern technologies which allow us to ensure high quality even for the most demanding of clients. To maintain high quality of cleaning services on the sites, we are constantly monitoring our service quality.

ACE Puhastus deems the greatest asset of the company to be its employees, which is why we are focused on in-service training and on developing the competence of our employees. Our cleaners are professionally trained and have years of work experience.

ACE Puhastus guarantees safe and secure cleaning services with ERGO Insurance SE’s civil liability insurance.

High quality standards, taking the client’s wishes into account, a professional team, sticking to deadlines and keeping promises – all this allows us to be a reliable partner.

We proceed from the individual needs of each client with regard to both the content and form of the service. Each client and their satisfaction is important for us. We offer our current and future clients a flexible and client-friendly service which has been highly appreciated by our current clients so far.

ACE Puhastus wishes to be your long-term and loyal cooperation partner!

Looking forward to a fruitful cooperation,

ACE Puhastus OÜ


ACE Puhastus pays close attention to the quality of the services provided. In the assessment of quality, we proceed from the standard EVS 914:2012 and the wishes of the client. A project manager is assigned for each site, who monitors the quality of the services provided.

The cleaners at ACE Puhastus have years of experience in cleaning and only use high-quality certified tools and supplies.


ACE Puhastus values and appreciates:

  • Taking into account the wishes of the client and being cooperative;
  • A professional and devoted team;
  • Sticking to deadlines and keeping promises.