Big cleanups are usually done twice a year (in the spring and autumn), but can be done more often if needed. Big cleanups need special skills and often even special equipment. Our team trained to do big cleanups uses professional cleaning tools and detergents.

A big cleanup involves:
•    Floor maintenance depending on floor type;
•    Window cleaning;
•    Cleaning radiators from dust and stains;
•    Cleaning of walls from dust (stain removal if necessary);
•    Cleaning switches, switchboxes and plugs from dust and stains;
•    External cleaning of furniture;
•    Cleaning of door sets, knobs and jambs from dust and stains;
•    Cleaning ventilation grills and pipes from dust.

If necessary, other special cleaning services are also offered as the client needs. In case of big cleanups, we proceed from the client’s wishes with regard to the volume and peculiarities of the service requested. The price depends on the amount of work and the cleaning supplies used.
Price of a big cleanup:
Big cleanup starting from EUR 0.65 / m²
Minimum fee for regular clients EUR 45.00
Minimum fee for common clients EUR 65.00
Prices are net of VAT.