Your clients and employees deserve the best working environment there is to spend most of their days in.

ACE Puhastus offers high-quality cleaning services that guarantee the well-being of and a nice atmosphere to current and new clients visiting the office or commercial premises, as well as the employees. Rooms cleaned by experts show the clients visiting the company that the company pays attention to every little detail such as cleanliness and order, so it makes the client interested and gives a sense of credibility.

The need for and frequency of cleaning works depends on the client’s will and schedule, which we always take into account. The price of the services depends on the size and nature of the rooms, the location and the level of dirtiness.

We provide maintenance cleaning services for all kinds of offices and service premises, such as:

  • Offices/bureaus
  • State institutions / organisations
  • Schools / kindergartens / day centres
  • Sports centres / sports halls
  • Restaurants / cafes / entertainment institutions
  • Shopping centres / shops
  • Medical institutions
  • Beauty salons
  • Manufacturing premises / workshops
  • Warehouses

The employees of ACE Puhastus have been specially trained in cleaning and receive regular in-service training; also, they are always neatly dressed in uniforms so you do not have to worry about the reputation or assets of your company. In addition, ACE Puhastus is covered with ERGO Insurance SE’s civil liability insurance, so you do not have to worry about any accidents or property damages that might occur.

When cleaning commercial and business premises, the floors are cleaned both dry and wet. All free spaces (work desks, closets, shelves) are cleaned and wiped for dust. Glass surfaces and doors are cleaned on the spot. Switches, plugs and power cords are cleaned. Door and window jambs and knobs are cleaned. Kitchen area cleaning. In public bathrooms/toilets, toilet bowls and sinks are washed and disinfected. The cleaner changes bin bags, replaces paper towels / toilet paper and fills soap dispensers.

We offer various services as special cleaning services, such as:

  • Big cleanup
  • Window and glass surface cleaning
  • Soft furniture cleaning
  • Chemical and wet cleaning of carpets
  • Deep wash and waxing of floors

If you were unable to find a cleaning service that you need, please contact us and we will find it for you.