ACE Puhastus recommends cleaning windows at least in the spring and autumn – the longer windows go without a wash, the more costly and time-consuming it is to clean them. Clean transparent windows make you feel good at home and at the office and look inviting in a shop so you will go in to check out that beautiful dress or suit you saw on the window.

Window glasses are cleaned as the client wishes, on one side or both inside and outside. The window cleaning service involves cleaning the window glasses, windowsills, seals and frames. Professional tools and supplies are used, which provide ensure quick and high-quality work. If necessary, a ladder, lift or scaffolding is used. Windows should be washed in an outdoor temperature of up to -5 °C.

The price of window cleaning depends on the following factors:

  • Surface area or number of windows to be cleaned;
  • Use of any equipment for cleaning the windows – lifting equipment, scaffolding or street closure permit;
  • Window type (wooden, plastic, roof window, display window);
  • The need to disassemble or assemble any windows.

The price of window cleaning:
Window and glass surface cleaning starting from EUR 0.45 / m²
Window cleaning on lift (lift rent to be added) starting from EUR 0.55 / m²
Minimum fee for regular clients EUR 45.00
Minimum fee for common clients EUR 65.00

Prices are net of VAT.